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Château Des Canetons

Is the result of over 27 years of experience in the field of education. In all our experience as teachers and educators, we have learnt that being around children is truly an infinite pleasure. We see ourselves in them through all that they learn from us. We understand that by providing them with proper guidance and the right tools, we are providing them with a secure future. They become the men and women of tomorrow.

Their success in life crowns our efforts and gives us the courage to continue with other little children by going forward in supporting them and leading them in the right way.

From what was initially a small nursery with a limited number of places, we now hold 53 places and are on our way to accommodating 80; for it’s always our pleasure to receive your little munchkins. We know that the daily life of families is not the easiest or simplest. Work is demanding; one must therefore adapt to complicated schedules and determine availability for divers duties according to travel time: a time-management dynamic which is not always identical for the father and mother.

We are here to help you go to work with peace of mind. We welcome your little ones, all day long, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a big heart and diligence.

Our Vision

The nursery “Château Des Canetons” aims to be recognized as a five-star daycare with excellent service (quality and education) in French and English.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that children learn through playing, and they also learn through making mistakes. Upon making a mistake, the child is applauded and is directed toward a personal observation, while allowing him/her the opportunity to self-correct and thus acquire learning.

When we allow the child to make a mistake, it is allowing him to do a project without giving clear ideas in advance, his ideas that come from much of the influence of the environment as an additional teacher.

At the nursery “Château Des Canetons”, we treat the child as an adult in a small body in that he/she only thinks differently from an adult. We all agree that: PLAYING IS MAGICAL.

Our Educational Values

The love and sense of attachment that arise during the first few years of life have a very present effect on the future life of a person. We therefore ascribe great importance to the emotional development of the child (child-adult relationship and child-child relationship).

That’s why we help the child to acquire respect: self-respect and respect for others in a diverse and multi-cultural environment. In this way the child feels accepted, valued and, in turn, learns to accept others.

Château Des Canetons
9520, Boulevard Gouin Ouest,
Telephone:+1 514 542 4042